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The Eve Cup is a wonderful eco-friendly, effective, economical and empowering alternative to tampons and pads, made to make your time of the month a lot easier, safer and more comfortable! Women around the world are already switching to using a cup and experiencing the many benefits. In fact many of our customers tell us that the way the Eve Cup supports the natural process of the female body, has changed their lives!


Product Description

The little cup which makes a huge difference in women’s lives!

The Eve Cup is made from medical grade silicone; it is latex-free and contains no toxins or bleaches. This makes the Eve Cup one of the safest menstrual products available. After just 3 months the eve-cup will have paid for itself in what it will save you from spending on conventional products, and with it’s 10 year lifespan will go on to save you enormous amounts of money. You can also feel great about the massive benefit to the environment when you switch to the Eve Cup!

The Eve Cup is available in two sizes and three colours. This little cup will simplify your ‘moon-time’ and will make you feel more comfortable and at ease. Take a listen to author of ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman‘ and BBC Radio 2 host Janey Lee Grace’s review of the Eve Cup in this 1 minute video below!

You can learn more about all the wonderful benefits of switching to the Eve Cup at www.evecups.uk



Donna-Marie: The Eve Cups changed my life! I tried other cups but remained unconvinced until the gentleness of the Eve Cup. These cups were crucial to me finally finding peace with my time of the month and experiencing them in complete comfort and freedom. I cannot recommend them enough!

Richi: These little cups are the greatest ambassadors for the ‘LifeWell Lifestyle’, they are good for you, good for the planet, and save you money. I love them for how they’ve benefited my wife and for the good they do!


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Pink, Purple, Clear


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